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About Us

Brite-Bottles Inc. has access to a complete suite of glass working equipment including a standard glassblowing lathe, a single armed glass lathe ideal for glass metal feedthrough fabrication as well as dedicated glass drilling, cutting and grinding instruments. Other tools include annealing and treatment ovens as well as a vacuum pumping station used for evacuating the bottles in the light bulb conversion process.
Some of the labels originally used on commercial glass containers cannot be removed without damage or, if painted on, do not survive the conversion process. In these cases, we can use our in-house silk screen printing cabability to reproduce the original look of the container. Additional uses for this process include custom logo printing and custom over-printing of existing product labels. An example of this process is shown in the picture below.
reprinted bottle

Life test
A large part of the light bulb manufacturing process includes life testing the final product. There are various schemes used in the incandescent lamp production industry that have been developed over the years. Brite-Bottles Inc. uses several of these including a linear life test station. An example of several bottles under test (now for 1-1/2 years) is shown below. By careful selection of the bulb wattage, the aesthetic and performance aspects of the bulbs are carefully matched for greatest appeal coupled with best value.
Life test

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